Nocturnal Nightlife Group is a consulting and marketing company headquartered in Atlantic City, New Jersey, servicing the nightlife & hospitality industry with clients and partners across the US. In addition to nightlife, hospitality and event management, Nocturnal Nightlife Group is also known for quality music production and developing marketing strategies within major nightlife markets. Our team is made up of highly skilled, service industry professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in the field.

The nightlife industry is filled with innovation, creativity and diversity, yet Nocturnal Nightlife Group has set out to add a distinctive element to a multi-faceted industry.  Our approach is unique in it’s search to create a synergistic affect, where the elements of nightlife coordination, entertainment, and marketing coalesce to give way to the ‘ultimate’ event atmosphere.


Johnny Vicious
The Disco Fries
Louie DeVito
Chris Bachman
Mr Mig
Joshua Carl
Greg Pic
Denny Tsettos
Joe Bermudez
DVDJ Mollo
Mike Ferullo
Gino Caporale
Allen Joseph
Sophia Lin
Scott Christian
Chris Profenna
Sean Patrick
The Riddler
DJ 54
Andrew & Jeremiah